LONGSHORE "First Encounter"

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ITI_FirstEncounter cover 1500.jpg

LONGSHORE "First Encounter"


“First Encounter” by LONGSHORE is a combined effort of several composers and associates.  It’s the brainchild of Art Johnson and Mike Dion.  A type of experiment using midi and real instruments throughout a network of musicians across several areas.  The ideas are many and are intertwined with influences of jazz, classical, new age and rock.  As a combined group not one composer is greater than another, hence this was a group collaboration and credited as such.  Produced by Mike Dion.


1. First Encounter 3:09

2. Cave Flute 3:33

3. Groove Down 3:52

4. Saunter 3:36

5. African Road 3:24

6. Beck’s Trumpet 3:19

7. Little Dance 5:08

8. Bossa Soft 2:56

9. Trippin’ Quartet 2:43

10. Tuesday Jam 3:38

11. Poppin Hoppin 3:22

12. Moody 2:05

13. Horizon Sun 4:16

14. Guitar Motion 4:03

15. Space Bass 3:12   



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