JULY 2019

This month we will release the first of many albums by LONGSHORE.

The first album is called “First Encounter”. It is a combined effort of several composers and associates.  Originally the brainchild of Art Johnson and Mike Dion, before Art’s passing and so I am happy to present this. 

We developed this experiment using midi and real instruments throughout a network of musicians across several areas.  The ideas are many and are intertwined with influences of jazz, classical, new age and rock.  As a combined group not one composer is greater than another, hence this was a group collaboration and credited as such. 

Music composed and Produced by Mike Dion.


June 2019

Hello All.

May brought us the music CD “east of eden” from Art Johnson. This album is based on his novel, “Marilyn, My Marilyn”. After Art wrote his book surrounding the last few months of Marilyn Monroe’s life he sat down and composed this music. Not knowing what to call the tracks, he asked me for my input. So I agreed to re-read the book and tried to feel what he wrote within the Chapters. Then I sent Art my notes and we Skyped and agreed on my titles. Please enjoy the music, but also read his book.

Early June, brought Michael Dion’s fourth book, “Music is Life…and Death”. It surrounds a songwriter who like Johnny Mercer wanted to start his own record company in 1942. This is Jack Riley’s second book and a third book is scheduled for late next year.

More books and music coming each month. So stay Tuned!!!

And Keep it Jazzy.

March 2019

We have been busy with producing new albums and releasing a new book from Laura Evaneski. Check out her site. This is the first of many novels to be written by this very talented author.

Up next will be the album called “The Quartets”. A compilation of some of ITI’s best quartet recordings. Available on April 26.

This will be followed by Art Johnson’s “East of Eden” album in May.

Stay tuned.

Keep it Jazzy!

July 2018

rainbow cover 1500.jpg

With the summer in full swing we are happy to announce “rainbow strings” release on July 6.

This is another compilation, this time for guitars, from the ITI stable of artists, that includes Art Johnson, One Man, Steve Brown, John Morell, and Lenny Carlson.

Coming up in August will be the CD release of “Child’s Play” from guitarist Steve Brown, followed by a reissue in September called “West 35 th St” of sax greats including Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Sidney Bechet, Coleman Hawkins, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt and Cannonball Adderley.
Stay tune. There will be more releases in the Fall.

Keep it Jazzy!

May 2018 Update

As the year rolls on we have been busy in the studio with our compilations and with other reissues that will be forthcoming in this year.

Initially in April, we released the compilation album called “piano jazz variations” with such artist as Bill Mays, Beatrice Alunni, Tom Garvin and Tom Ranier “tickling the ivories”.

On May 4th, we will release “statement of sax” another compilation that will focus on our “saxmen” namely, Sebastien Chaumont, Gary Scott, Max Ionata and Jimmy Mosher.

On May 25th we will release our CD on “Fables”, the second album available by One Man.

We will round out the compilations on July 6th with the album, “rainbow strings” featuring Steve Brown, John Morell, One Man, Art Johnson, and Lenny Carlson.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as we move into late Summer and early Fall.


Keep It Jazzy.