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Physical and digital CD Release Date: July 6th



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Michael Dion's 'Circle of Chance'

It is a semi-fictionalized version of The U.S. Navy involvement with the Mafia in the defense of the American ports and borders, during 1942, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The heroine is a Navy dependent turned Private Investigator who assists the Navy in stopping the Mob from playing both sides for profit and control during the War.“Circle Of Chance” time frame is April 1942 and is based on real world involvement during World War II that encompassed the U.S. Navy, Mafia and the Chinese Tong. Our fictional heroine is Jacqueline Riley, otherwise known as “Jack” who is a private investigator. Being the Daughter of the First Captain of the Naval Base in San Diego, Jack becomes involved with all of them in order to close down a war time conspiracy in the early days of America fighting in the World War. At least two more novels are currently being written about “Jack”.