Art Johnson "East of Eden"

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eoe final cd cover 1500.jpg

Art Johnson "East of Eden"

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Recorded in Art’s studio in Monaco, after writing his book “Marilyn, My Marilyn”, he evokes the story into music written in cinematic style.


With the support and cooperation of his wife Patricia, Joe Bill Bartling, myself, Marc Peillon, Ronnie Rae Jr., Jean Luc Danna and Jimmy Lee Miller, he recorded this album over a six month period. 


Performing nearly all the instruments in this recording, he and I discussed and named each track according to the Chapters in his book.


Art who was my partner in our dream and labor of love, “ITI Music”, passed away in October 2018. However, he will continue to be honored by his published and yet to be published books and music as the years unfold.  Mike Dion

 12 tracks

1. Marilyn’s Theme 4:08

2. Intro to Mr. Long 3:42

3. Black Dahlia’s File 3:40

4. Beverly Hills Hotel 3:35

5. The Journal Left Behind 4:03

6. Lies, Threats & Elizabeth 3:29

7. Rory & Marilyn 3:53

8. Marilyn’s Poems 3:17

9. Bob’s Big Boy 3:28

10. Liz shares with Marilyn 4:10

11. Beverly Glen Sweetness 3:49

12. Marilyn’s Piano 3:24

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