"Two for Real" Art Johnson and Randy Tressler


"Two for Real" Art Johnson and Randy Tressler


Released January 2014

ITI Records Cat # 201401


As many jazz albums have been done in the past, this one follows suit. There was no specific plan to record together, it just happened. Randy and his wife Sunnie were in Nice France staying at their apartment for six weeks. As I knew he was here for one reason, “to relax and swim in the Mediterranean”, I asked him to come over to the studio when he had time to listen some tracks I had been recording with space for the keyboard. He liked what he heard so I captured his “live talent” on this album.

I've always enjoyed Randy’s playing, because he started out as a guitarist, and while studying with Harold Mabern Jr., (Noted especially for his work with Wes Montgomery), the veteran ”Jazzer” suggested to Randy that he switch to piano. The beauty of that change is that Randy still thinks like a guitarist. I've often said that pianists are my favorite musicians. Randy Tressler is one of those unique players who constantly listens to what others are doing and shapes his playing to the moment without losing his unique identity. “He's for real.” Art Johnson, Monaco November 2013.

Randy relocated to Chicago where he has worked with tenor saxophonists Lin Halliday and Ron Dewar, singer Kurt Elling, and Sun Ra drummer Robert Barry. He has played regularly with saxophonist John Brumbach and bassist Dennis Carroll. In 1993 he began a long collaboration with cornetist Robert Mazurek Quintet that featured Eric Alexander on sax, George Fludas on drums, and John Webber on bass. Then had the opportunity to tour the British Isles, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glasgow Jazz Festival, Dunoon Jazz Festival, Grimsby Jazz Festival. He has also performed live on BBC Radio, and recorded three CDs for Hep Records of Scotland. Tressler remains a sought after accompanist for such Chicago-based vocalists such as Frank D'Rone, Kimberly Gordon, Elaine Dame, and Francine Griffin. He has also recorded with blues guitarist Dave Spector. Tressler divides his time between Chicago and Nice, France, where he has performed with saxophonist Seb Chaumont and bassist Marc Peillon, and where he met and performs with guitar great, Art Johnson.



1. Don't Tell 3:29

2. Finders Keepers 4:18

3. Lazy Daze 5:52

4. Mr. D 5:54

5. No Time Left 4:05

6. Now What 4:56

7. Pick Me 4:09

8. The Blessing 5:36

9. Two For Real 4:51

10. Ugly Blues 4:11


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