"Time Remembered" Art Johnson & Joanne Grauer


"Time Remembered" Art Johnson & Joanne Grauer


Released November 2012

This album was originally released in 1989.  The piano-guitar duo could be indicative of Bill Evans-Jim Hall.  Much of the album intertwines ballads with Art and Joanne’s personalities.  Together on this album they have teamed up to weave the boundries of New Age, Classical and Mainstream Jazz into one.  Art sings on a pair tunes: "When I Fall In Love" and "For All We Know" and plays solo on the two Erik Satie compositions.  And Joanne is solo on "The Lonely Giraffe", her own composition.  "Joanne Grauer” has been noted as “an incredibly talented musician", by Marilee Maytan Hunt, and Leonard Feather, LA Times says, "I will not submit her to the indignity of applying the cliche that she plays like a man: it would be more fitting to credit her with playing like a superbly equipped pianist in the contemporary idiom...fantasize this dream playing piano like a female Bill Evans. Joanne Grauer makes such illusions unnecessary. She is real....", and from A. James Liska, LA Valley Daily News, "A pianist of awesome skill and sensitivity,…Don't miss her." Art Johnson is Jazz Guitarist, violinist and composer. Jazz critic Scott Yannow says “Art Johnson is one of the most lyrical jazz guitarists on the scene today”.  Through the years, his unique style of improvisation and harmonic accompaniment has played and or recorded with Shelly Manne, Lena Horne, Allan Holdsworth and Mark O'Connor.  In twenty years of living in Los Angeles, Art worked in the studios, toured extensively in the U.S., Europe and Canada performing in most major concert halls including Carnagie Hall, The Kennedy Center for the performing arts, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Drury Lane. Art has performed and recorded with Tim Weisberg, Paul Horn, Willie Bobo, and Barbra Streisand to name just a few.


1. Time Remembered 4:53

2. Alice In Wonderland 4:37

3. Gnossienne #3  2:48

4. Gnossienne #1  2:52

5. When I Fall In Love 8:08

6. Here's That Rainy Day 4:45

7. Sylvia's Waltz 5:57

8. The Lonely Giraffe 6:20

9. For All We Know 5:00

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