"The Highland Project" The Highland Project


"The Highland Project" The Highland Project


Released October 2012

Originally released in 1991 as “The Highland Project”, the album was a collaborated effort of Steve Hallmark, a producer, engineer and composer and Curtis MacDonald, another Los Angeles composer and pianist.  Collectively they created an album for the New Age, New Adult Contemporary and Adult Alternative markets.  This album received positive reviews and besides being a favorite at MAC, it was “Chartbound” from the start.  The Highland Project was their only album ever collaborated on.  Since then, both of them went on to have solo careers.  Curtis has continued to compose and over these many years has produced sixteen albums and released them on his own label CMMP.

In 2007, he received a Grammy Consideration in the New Age category for his first commercial CD release through the record label Eversound, called "Everlasting".  Steve on the other hand continued to produce other artists and for the last seven years he has been the Pro Tools Tech for "Family Guy" on Fox for the recording sessions with composers Walter Murphy and Ron Jones.

While they had parted ways after this sole endeavor, they only recently met again for the re-release of The Highland Project and got together for this after 21 years of absence. The Highland Project is and was Steve and Curtis with its sound and production by Steve and most of the songs composed by Curtis.  Hopefully there will be more albums by these two extraordinary producers in the future under “The Highland Project”.



1. Momba Vienna 5:52

2. Ice Caves 6:25

3. Bermuda Nights 4:42

4. Search For Space 4:19

5. Gecko Ballou 5:02

6. Jupie 5:12

7. Isle of Skye 4:38

8. First Lite 5:33

9. Toast and Jam 3:58

10. And The Meek 5:10


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