"Still Walkin'"

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"Still Walkin'"


Released MAY 2014

Sébastien Chaumont - Sax Alto

Olivier Slama - Piano

Sébastien Lamine - Double Bass

Max Miguel – Drums

Alto saxophonist Sebastien Chaumont from France has put together a Quartet for his first American release, “STILL WALKIN’”. Seb is a mixture of Bud Shank and Art Pepper.


The album is a combined effort of Manufacture de Lombre Recording in France and ITI Records. This album has been recorded with an 8 tracks Reel to Reel and Mixed on an 8 tracks analog mixing desk Audio Developments, without numeric processing. Recorded by César Valentine and Félix Petit-Nicolas.

Mixed & mastered by César Valentine.

Tracks include:

1. Mystica 4:48 (Olivia Slama)

2. P.T.P. 6:42 (Sebastien Chaumont)

3. One After Another 6:21 (Sebastien Chaumont)

4. Corner Stone 5:08 (Sebastien Chaumont)

5. Tulip’s Bounce 4:04 (Sebastien Chaumont)

6. Still Walkin’ 4:28 (Sebastien Chaumont)

7. When I Grow too Old to Dream 7:44 (Sigmund Romberg)

ITI Records Cat # 201404


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