"Satyric Horn" Jimmy Mosher


"Satyric Horn" Jimmy Mosher


Released September 2013

Originally released in 1984, this album and touring group were received like a second coming by consumers and critics alike. Solid straight ahead bebop alto sax player who is in the Charlie Parker mode. Classic jazz with musicians Mick Goodrich, Peter Donald, Tom Ranier and Joel DiBartolo.


Jimmy took up the saxophone as a teen-ager and attended Berklee College of Music until 1958 when he joined Woody Herman until 1963. In 1967, he teamed up with Buddy Rich until 1975 and went back to teaching and played with the Herb Pomeroy Orchestra. He had shorter stints with Mongo Santamaria and Maynard Ferguson. He was initially influenced by swing players, but mostly by Charlie Parker and listened to him live at the Hi-Hat.

On 5 May 1987, Jimmy Mosher, 49, passed away in Boston. Though he was a member of several groups and recordings, he only left his own imprint on a couple of his solo albums and this is one of them.



1. Bolivia 5:20

2. No Boundaries 5:08

3. Peau Douce (Soft Skin) 4:53

4. Bud Powell 5:48

5. Pagliacci 4:49

6. The Bad and the Beautiful5:33

7. J.M. to C.M. 5:09

8. This Nearly was Mine 4:53


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