"New World" Dave Hill


"New World" Dave Hill


ITI Records and Dave Hill Music are pleased to announce that they have joined together for the release of two albums by the guitarist, composer, producer and author, Dave Hill.


Dave is a highly sought after session musician in the LA market. But these two albums will show and tell Dave’s music that will surely please straight-ahead and contemporary fans alike. 


On “New World” Dave has put together some incredible artists for this album including “Yellowjackets”, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslipand Will Kennedy.


Ten Tracks include:

Waiting For You 7:40

Kneedeep 6:43

New World 7:43

Sunrise 5:18

Rush Hour 5:32

Do You Know 7:27

Soul Twister 6:36

Oak Harbor 7:00

Prove It 7:01

All The Times 3:29

Total time: 64:32

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