"Mediterranean Moods" One Man

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"Mediterranean Moods" One Man


Released November 2013

Art Johnson is a Jazz Guitarist, violinist, composer, producer and engineer. Jazz critic Scott Yannow says “Art Johnson is one of the most lyrical jazz guitarists on the scene today”. Through the years, his unique style of improvisation and harmonic accompaniment has played and or recorded with Shelly Manne, Lena Horne, Lynn Blessing, Tim Weisberg, Paul Horn, Willie Bobo, and Barbra Streisand, Papa John Creach, Allan Holdsworth and Mark O'Connor. In twenty years of living in Los Angeles, Art worked in the studios, toured extensively in the U.S., Europe and Canada performing in most major concert halls including Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center for the performing arts, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Drury Lane. Art also taught music at San Diego State College. Here Art stands alone, performing all the instruments, recording and mixing. A product of hours of teaching, playing and living both here and abroad has given this album a very Mediterranean flavor of all the countries that border the assortment of European and Middle-East countries.

“ONE MAN - the songs on this album are a direct result of my living in the south of France for over a decade and hearing styles of North African music I may never have experienced if I had not become a ex-patriot. From Spain to Morocco there are musicians and forms of music that are unimaginable to most westerners. It has been my privilege to be where I am.” Art Johnson, Monaco, September 2013



1. Algerian Hip-nu-sis 4:51

2. Hard Night in Ibiza 4:58

3. Sunset at Malta 5:08

4. Driving through Monaco 6:25

5. Tunisia Rock 4:10

6. Song for Alexandria 6:19

7. Love in Athens 6:52

8. Haifa Sunny Day 5:00

9. Patricia’s Saida 6:31

10. Antayla Resort 4:02

11.The Fez Medina 5:20

12. Malaga Beauty 4:14

ITI Records CAT # 201308

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