"In the Mud" Lenny Carlson


"In the Mud" Lenny Carlson


Re-releaed November 2012

Originally released in 1984 Lenny’s album received glowing reviews from Gary Jackson of BRE, Kirk Silsbee of Cadence and Peter Leitch of the LA Reader.

“In The Mud” musicians include:  multi-talented Betty O’Hara on trumpet, trombone and flugelhorn, Kenny Kotwitz on keyboards and accordion, Ted Hughart on acoustic and electric bass, Harold Mason on drums and Eytan Ben Sheviya on marcaccas, congas, cowbell and pandeiro, Lee Callet on tenor and soprano sax and flute and Jamie Solow reciting on “I’m So Clean”.

Born in Los Angeles and currently residing in San Francisco, composer and guitarist Lenny Carlson creates adventurous music that combines jazz, classical and eclectic elements in inventive ways for traditional acoustic instruments. He has produced four recordings of original music, and his works have been featured on eight others. He has written for solo instruments, string ensembles, big jazz bands, and everything in between.  One piece, “Biff” from In the Mud, his second recording, was on the 1985 Grammy Award ballot for Best Jazz Instrumental Composition. 


1. That's Right...What 4:46

2. Biff 6:08

3. Forreica 4:32

4. Little One #2  4:38

5. In The Mood  0.37

6. I'm So Clean 1:46

7. No More Blues 5:27

8. Marylyn 3:13

9. Sweet Lorraine 3:02

10. Sweet & Lovely 3:15

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