"Heartbound" Art Johnson and Dwayne Smith


"Heartbound" Art Johnson and Dwayne Smith


Re-released October 2012

Originally released in 1985 through an arrangement with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab under another Dion moniker, Café Records, it had received very good reviews including one from Don Lucoff at Music Connection that stated, “The music presented transcended the stereotype acoustic duo format.”  Diverse and serious pieces intertwine the guitarist Johnson and pianist Smith. This album transcends the stereotype acoustic duo music. There are eight songs including one in which Art sings on his self-penned track, "Nothing to Hide".  The album was recorded and mixed at Munson Studios.  Art, who hails from San Diego, began playing at 16 and has studied both jazz and classicaland fuses them in a unique way.  He has recorded with Paul Horn, John Klemmer, Tim Weisberg, Papa John Creach, Lee Ritenour and Willie Bobo.  Has also recorded and toured with Lena Horne.  Dwayne has been playing keyboards since he can remember and has performed with many L.A. groups including Bernie Pearl, Wilson Pickett, Jeremy Jackson and Chet McCracken of the Doobie Brothers.  His keyboard work is featured on Robert Altman's, "Welcome To L.A." and the film score, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".  He has also performed with Papa John Creach, and a multitude of jazz and blues from coast to coast, including the legendary rock group, The Association.  Aside from his recordings with Art Johnson and others, he recorded his first solo, "Get Directly Down" at the famed nightclub The Baked Potato in Los Angeles.  They earned "Best duo in Los Angeles" during a performance at the Santa Barbara jazz festival and also earned positive reviews from the late Leonard Feather.    


1. Home Boy Goes Home 3:15

2. Heartbound 4:28

3. Wax Hands 9:35

4. Starnge Story 4:10

5. Nob Hill 5:00

6. Expansion 2:43

7. Nothing To Hide  5:40

8. Tu Es Mon Amour J'Taime 5:37


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