"Dance with Me" Beatrice Alunni and Marc Peillon


"Dance with Me" Beatrice Alunni and Marc Peillon


Released January 2015                                             

ITI Records loves duos.  It’s all about putting your best musicianship and creativity forward.  There’s no place to hide.

In thirty years of producing quality jazz product, owner Michael Dion has offered the jazz listener, Bill Mays and Red Mitchell, Art Johnson and Joanne Grauer and Mike Campbell and Tom Garvin.  

Now the European jazz scene is being represented in the US by ITI Records and Dion has discovered pianist/ composer Beatrice Alunni and bassist, composer, arranger Marc Peillon in their debut effort of tantalizing compositions played with intense creativity.

This magical duo will keep your ears glued to the headphones or speakers.  Once you start listening to these two giants from the South of France, your heart will dance for joy.

This album then is for any jazz fan who truly insists on the best.  If by chance you have just discovered ITI Records, you will be glad that you did.  Enjoy!  Art Johnson, Monaco, Nov 26, 2014

“Dance With Me” is a musical book of poems composed and interpreted by Béatrice Alunni

(Piano) and Marc Peillon (Double bass) who both reside on the Côte d'Azur in France.

Each page of the compilation musically describes a stage of a long voyage.

By the bond of the duo, the music reveals the dialogue, the whispers and its book of secrets...

The bossa nova transports us into Brazilian nostalgia, the tango burns with Argentinian passion and the ballad invites mystery...


Tracks include:

1. Cocoon 3:46

2. Liloo 5:14

3. Peace 5:09

4. Dance With Me 5:01

5. Paradox 4:23

6. Tell Me 5:41

7. Breeze 5:29

8. Dream in Black and White 6:45

9. Italian Ballad 4:34

10. Little Steps 4:47


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