"Fables" One Man

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fables final cover 3000.jpg
Fables PR sheet 2018.jpg

"Fables" One Man


Recorded this time in Monaco for his second album, One Man spreads out his imagining of the

Mediterranean, the people, the foods and the cities and towns of Southern France.

Some call One Man a European now, after spending almost 15 years living and performing throughout

many countries. This has given him ample time to learn the language, learn the music and play with

some of the best musicians in the world.

Here again, One Man performs violin and guitar, as well as the other East-Indian electronic drones and

other instruments to create a “Fable” of Mediterranean music.

Note: All instruments –Acoustic and electric Guitars, keyboard, bass, violin and mandolin are played by

Art. There are no ‘loops’ or edits on this album. All tracks were recorded live with human hands except

for the electronic Tampura box and percussion which is sampled sounds edited and arranged by Art.


1. St. Tropez 5:18

2. Cannes 5:39

3. San Remo 4:53

4. Antibes 5:44

5. Toulon 4:45

6. Savona 6:23

7. Bordeaux 6:22

8. Marseille 4:58

9. Tripoli 3:50

10. Tunis 4:34

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