"Conception" Ai Murakami Quartet


"Conception" Ai Murakami Quartet


Released April 2015

ITI Records and Gut String Records are pleased to announce that they have joined together for the release of this album by Drummer Ai Murakami.

Jazz drummer Ai Murakami was born in Japan, and has been fascinated by rhythm ever since she played Taiko (Japanese drums) at the age of four.  

She moved to New York City in 1998. Soon after her arriving, she found her musical home at Smalls Jazz Club, in Greenwich Village.

She has appeared in many of New York’s renowned jazz venues, such as Smoke, Swing 46, and Garage Restaurant. She has performed with Gil Coggins, Charles Davis, Michael Kanan, Ari Roland and others.

The Quartet on this album includes: Zaid Nasser, Tardo Hammer, Hassan Shakur and herself.

Eight Tracks include:

On a Misty Night


Sweet Lorraine

Old Devil Moon

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Saucer Eyes

We’ll Be Together Again

Ray’s Idea

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