"Close Enough for Love" Mike Campbell


"Close Enough for Love" Mike Campbell


Released January 2015

Singer Mike Campbell’s third album on ITI Records - "Close Enough For Love" is a blend of three recording sessions, which features Tom Garvin on piano, Bob Sheppard, Tom Peterson on tenor, Lanny Morgan on alto, John Heard, Eric Von Essen on bass, Ralph Penland, Peter Donald on drums, Clay Jenkins, Steve Huffsteter on trumpet and flugelhorn, Bruce Paulson on trombone, Dan Sawyer on guitar, and Dave Shank on percussion; duets with pianist Joanne Grauer and two additional tracks produced by the late Tim Hauser.  Janis Siegel and Cheryl Bentyne also from Manhattan Transfer sang backup for these tracks and the musicians included Jeff Lorber – keyboards and synth, Ernie Watts - sax solo, Wayne Johnson – guitar, and on percussion Paulino da Costa.

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Sixteen Tracks include:

1. Another Star 4:32

2. To Love Again 4:42

3. With A Song in My Heart 3:08

4. Close Enough For Love 3:37

5. Early 3:28

6. Do It Again 4:28

7. No Moon At All 4:23

8. Alone Again 3:51

9. The Real Thing 7:17

10. Love Will Follow 4:28

11. Maybe September 4:40

12. Mystery 3:36

13. When Love Has Gone 5:50

14. Dat Dare 4:21

15. Where Were You In April 4:59

16. Once More 4:42   

Catalog # 201501


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