"Alone" Tom Garvin


"Alone" Tom Garvin


Pianist, composer, arranger Tom Garvin, wrote charts for the Tonight Show band, and toured and wrote for some of the best of the best, including Carmen McRae, Diana Schur, Peggy Lee, Lou Rawls, Jack Jones, Michael Urbaniak, Don Ellis, and Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra.  

This solo album showcases Tom’s piano styling that lent itself to many singers in the past. 

He was a permanent member on the LA jazz scene, Garvin was "one of our town's better jazz pianists," The Times said in 1990. Tom was instrumental in helping ITI Records establish itself back in 1982.  He was also instrumental in recording alongside other ITI alumni: Ruth Price, Mike Campbell, Mike Stephans and the Seventh Avenue Band, Lou Rovner and Estelle Reiner.  Tom passed away from cancer July 31, 2011. He was 67. He enjoyed a rich musical career performing and recording. 


Eleven Tracks include:

1. Once In A While 5:16

2. Autumn in New York 5:27  

3. Early 7:33

4. Bradley’s Revenge 4:33

5. Elaine 2:03

6. If I Had You 0:49

7. Everything Happens to Me 8:41

8. Kathryn 6:12

9. Joy Spring 3:08

10. Jane 5:00

11. Lullaby of Birdland 1:54


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