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Maria Giua

Good afternoon on this fine Wednesday!

There is still half of the week left, but we already have sday! There is still half of the week left... or is it half over? Depends on if you are a glass half full kind of person! Either way we already have some amazing news: Our latest release, Maria Giua's "E Improvvisamente" is out! For those of you not native to the Italian language, that means "And Suddenly." Once you check it out, suddenly her music will delight your ears.

This is the fourth album by guitarist and singer Maria Giua, who was born in Rapallo Italy.  Since 2003, she has participated in international festivals including theater projects both as author and as a performer.

Maria is a writer at Sugar Music in Milan, involved in the arts and entertainment in Florence, and artistic director at Pervocesola, a non-profit cultural center in Genova.

She has recorded a track for “Italian Café”, Putumayo 2005, “Giua”, self-titled album on Sony 2008, and “TrE” on EGEA Music 2012.  

ITI Music and EGEA Music are proud to join together in distributing her first American release, called “And Suddenly” (E Improvvisamente”), on Warrant Music.

Sung in Italian, this Italian singer-songwriter could be compared to another famous male Italian singer who sings standards, opera and pop tunes.  Even in Italian, you can feel the happiness, sadness and everyday emotions in these twelve tracks, as Maria bridges the genres with her songs.

Tracks include:

1. The Mango Tree (L’Albero Di Mango)

2.  And Suddenly (E Improvvisamente)

3.  Strawberries and Wind (Fragole E Vento)

4.  From Far Away (Da Lontano)

5.  Everyone Runs Away From Italy (Tutti Vanno Via Dall’Italia)

6.  Finisterre

7.  As If (Come Se)

8.  Endless Unlove # I Loved You So Much (Disamore Infinito#taggovolutobene)

9.  Anything Can Happen (Tutto Puo’Accadere)

10. Slide South (Scivola Sud)

11. From This Moon (Di Questa Luna Che)

12. It’s You I Like (A Me Mi Piachi Tu)  

Oui' 3

Good morning everyone,
Can you believe we are already almost through January? Time is flying by!
It has flown so quickly, that we just had our first release of the year.

The Oui' 3 trio created "Occupy Your Mind," a Neo-Jazz based album with musicians like:

The LA trio inlcudes Billy Joe Wiseman on Guitar, Sitar, and Vocals; Lou Castro on Bass and Vocals; Jim Xavier on Drums, Percussion, and Vocals. Greg Manning and JT Thomas were also on the album with Keyboards.

This album boasts jazz legend John Klemmer and Jimmy Kimmel Live band leader and saxophonist Cleto Escobedo III.

Oui' 3 are "Baked Potato" jazz club regular performers and have caught the attention on many in other performances on the West Coast. We are bringing them to you internationally so all can enjoy their unique sound!

For a sample taste of each of the songs on the album:

Check out our NEW website:

Keep checking for updates with us. A lot is happening!
We will be releasing our second album of the year from Maria Giua next month!

35th Anniversary SALE!

Package 1 - Instrumental
Steve Brown (guitar) - Good Lines
Jeff Richman and Wayne Johnson (guitars) - The Distance
Renaud Penant (piano) - I Want To Be Happy
Art Johnson & Marc Devine (piano and guitar) - Blue Sud

Package 2 - Vocal
Mike Campbell & Tom Garvin - Blackberry Winter
Mike Campbell - Close Enough For Love
Randy Tressler - Songs of Love & Dysfunction
Denia Ridley & The Marc Devine Trio - Afterglow
Frankie Blue (free) - Jackson Movie Soundtrack

Package 3 - Best of Italian and French Jazz
Sebastien Chaumont - Still Walkin
Sebastien Chaumont w/Marc Devine Trio - Moonglow
Alessandro Collina, Rodolfo Cervetto, Marc Peillon, Fabrizio Bosso - Michel On Air
Alessandro Collina, Rodolfo Cervetto, Marc Peillon, Max Ionata - Rome To Paris
Beatrice Alunni & Marc Peillon (free) - Dance With Me

Website Kickoff

Hello there Friends and Associates,

Hope you like our new web-digs. We had fun putting it together and we will be updating it weekly to keep you informed on al things ITI!

We have been excited with our results of 2016 and we are certainly looking forward to 2017 with Oui’ 3 and Maria Giua’s releases along with many more.

Remember that you can now purchase direct tracks from our website, and of course the full albums digitally, or you may order the CD directly from us.

May your Holidays be Merry and Bright while we kick off this upcoming year with a new look.

Thank you in advance and keep it jazzy!!!