May 2018 Update

As the year rolls on we have been busy in the studio with our compilations and with other reissues that will be forthcoming in this year.

Initially in April, we released the compilation album called “piano jazz variations” with such artist as Bill Mays, Beatrice Alunni, Tom Garvin and Tom Ranier “tickling the ivories”.

On May 4th, we will release “statement of sax” another compilation that will focus on our “saxmen” namely, Sebastien Chaumont, Gary Scott, Max Ionata and Jimmy Mosher.

On May 25th we will release our CD on “Fables”, the second album available by One Man.

We will round out the compilations on July 6th with the album, “rainbow strings” featuring Steve Brown, John Morell, One Man, Art Johnson, and Lenny Carlson.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as we move into late Summer and early Fall.


Keep It Jazzy.