September Update

First off, we hope everyone affected by the hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and other recent natural disasters are alright. We wish you safety, peace, and restoration.

In our latest release, BarTalk from Art Johnson and Dwayne Smith, we have something very different from anything you've probably heard recently.

BarTalk is a tribute to the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. Though Béla Bartók’s music was infrequently performed outside Hungary during his lifetime, many of his compositions, including the string quartets and the Concerto for Orchestra, later entered the standard concert repertory. Within a quarter century after his death, many of Bartók’s works had been recognized as belonging among the classics of Western music (Stevens, 2017).

Johnson and Smith believe that Bartók was "a great composer who was never fully recognized in his lifetime." With that in focus, their ideas coalesced into this colorful record. If you haven't heard it yet, take a sample listen here:

Next month we will have another new release by the Marc Devine Trio. Inspiration will be available on October 13th. Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming information, videos, and releases!

Keep it jazzy!








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