July Update, Gary Lefebvre, and More!

Hello all!
It's been a while, but...
With summer came a residence move that took time to plan and execute.

That said, we are now back with a live release from the late great sax player, Gary Lefebvre. The release date is August 25th!  Mike Wofford, pianist, friend, and collaborator, said “Gary just had a natural gift,” [they] began playing with LeFebvre when they were high school students here in the 1950s. “He was very flexible and he never, ever sounded like a copy of anybody. He’s a real important part of San Diego’s music history, not just in jazz, but music in general" (Varga, The San Diego Union Tribune). Take a listen to his sound here and see below for more information:

More on Gary Lefebvre's album:

Gary Lefebvre “Live at The Loft San Diego”
The history of this recording is particular to the jazz life in general, experienced by most who participate in that existence. It was just another gig organized by jazz promoters in Gary’s hometown of San Diego, California in the early nineties. The venue was a jazz club, The Loft, one flight of stairs up in Pacific Beach. A local jazz fan recorded the evening. Gary LeFebvre was one of the legends of late twentieth century jazz, who had played with Red Rodney
after Charlie Parker passed away, with a long list of his many big band and small ensemble credits. What is truly unique on this CD, is the fact that it is the only recording of the bass player Hank Dobbs, whose troubled life ended early, not long after this performance.
The drummer was Bob Weller, a San Diego fixture, who is also a marvelous piano player and all around musician. Finally, Art Johnson playing the only live recording of his seven string guitar.
There will be two volumes from this live recording.

We are also in the final stages and looking forward to the release from the Marc Devine Trio album scheduled for September. Also, a classical album is forthcoming to finish out our year. Stay tune for more to come.

If you've been following us, you know that we released Oui' 3's album in January. Since then, the group released a music video for their track Maliblue from the album. Give it a look see!

Thanks for checking in with us and we will keep you updated on all things ITI! Stay tuned for some more releases and updates on our artists!

                Varga, George. "Sax great Gary LeFebvre dead at 74." Sandiegouniontribune.com. N.p., 08 Aug. 2013. Web. 28 July 2017.