Oui' 3

Good morning everyone,
Can you believe we are already almost through January? Time is flying by!
It has flown so quickly, that we just had our first release of the year.

The Oui' 3 trio created "Occupy Your Mind," a Neo-Jazz based album with musicians like:

The LA trio inlcudes Billy Joe Wiseman on Guitar, Sitar, and Vocals; Lou Castro on Bass and Vocals; Jim Xavier on Drums, Percussion, and Vocals. Greg Manning and JT Thomas were also on the album with Keyboards.

This album boasts jazz legend John Klemmer and Jimmy Kimmel Live band leader and saxophonist Cleto Escobedo III.

Oui' 3 are "Baked Potato" jazz club regular performers and have caught the attention on many in other performances on the West Coast. We are bringing them to you internationally so all can enjoy their unique sound!

For a sample taste of each of the songs on the album: https://www.facebook.com/itirecordsmusic/videos/1802556399993640/

Check out our NEW website: www.itimusic.live

Keep checking for updates with us. A lot is happening!
We will be releasing our second album of the year from Maria Giua next month!